Language is the foundations on which humans communicate our feelings to each other as well as to ourselves. As self-aware beings, we constantly use language as a way to deconstruct our emotions into words, because language is almost the only thing we can believe in. The one other thing we do believe in are the things we visually see. Image and language are inextricably linked because we as humans, create a personal unique association with each word as we grow and experience life.

With my art, I take recycled words and images (products of human expression) out of context in an attempt to evoke certain specific yet ambiguous feelings that humans might or might not have experienced but are not able to put them into words or images. All collage pieces are made with recycled books, magazines, material.

You can purchase some prints of his artwork here.

If you are interested in purchasing original collages or commisioning, please email me at frankistea(at)gmail(dot)com